First step

In order to get your QR code, select the type of information you want to encode.

You can choose all known formats as text only, phone, contact information or links among others...

You cand find them in the top-left menu.

Second step

Just fill the information you want to share.

While you type the information, your QR code will be created on real time!

That's all!!


Here you can encode any text into a QR Code.

Can also be used to encode your information as a RAW format.


Encode any link into a QR Code! You only need to write here the website you want to encode and you will get your QR Code ready to be used!

The text must start with http:// so, it will be placed even you forget it!

For example:


Create a QR Code with your phone number. When the code is read, your phone will be able to make a call.

Don't forget to type your country code to let people call you from any country.

For example: +34934567890


Speed up writing your SMS by creating a QR Code.

Write the phone number and the SMS text and it will be QRfied ready to Scan & Send!.
e-mail address

e-mail address

Writing you email here, you will get a QR Code with the email address you write, ready to write the message and send!


You can create an email QR Code with a message inside.

Filling this form, you will get a QR Code with a destination email address and a message. Once scanned, it's ready to send an email.
Contact Information

Contact Information

Here you can create a QR Code containing personal information, like your name, phone, email, ZIP code, your company and job position, and many more.

Filling one of the fields is enought to get your QR Code, but is recommended to provide as much as possible.

You can choose between different formats: MeCard, KDDI AU, Bizcard and vCard. MeCard Format is the best option for most people, but feel free to explore the other card formats, maybe you will find a more accurate format for your requirements.
Sorry, this section is not available.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

You can also try in the old site: QRfy.Me


If you are the owner of a pub or restaurant and you want to provide Wifi Internet to your customers, creating a QR Code is the best solution.

Just scan the QR Code, and your smartphone will be ready to connect to your Wireless Network!


Just click at any point in the map and a QR Code will be generated, with geolocation information.

You can use it on any boring you-are-here information panel! :D


This QR Code is known to work only with iPhone and will encode any Youtube link into a short link where you can access the video.

If this option is not working with your smartphone, please consider try another QR Application or use the classic URL encoder.
Android Market

Android Market

Placing here the name of your Android Application, you will get a QR Code linking to a search into the Android Market.

If you are a developer and want to create the QR Code directly to your package, you can use the keyword pname:+URI. For example: It will create a link to the package directly from the QR Code.
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What's a QR Code

QRfy.Me! QR CodeAccording to the Wikipedia article, a QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a specific two-dimensional code that is machine readable and designed to be read by smartphones.

The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, a URL, or other data.

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